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Change is limited by FEAR.

You are seeking change. You may have a specific goal, a result in mind, or a picture of success. Regardless of your reason for change, it comes down to life. Making choices that will lead you to a healthier, more productive YOU. Value yourself and the service of health; move past contemplation and make the change.

Personal fitness and nutrition training is simply a means to the end. I provide the tools for you to improve your wellbeing, but the results reside in you. I understand the struggle with making a behavior change, but I also know the benefits of seeing it through. Initiate the change, begin your journey towards your goals and enhance your personal abilities.

Goal-oriented services provided:

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • General conditioning/toning
  • Core strengthening
  • Senior/functional fitness
  • Youth fitness training
  • Athletic development
  • Sport specific training
  • Pre/post-natal fitness
  • Specialized training for health conditions (arthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, hypertension)
  • Pain reduction (general or specific joint pain)
  • Assistance with lifestyle changes, including positive mental focus, overcoming self-defeating behaviors, making proper nutritional and exercise choices and incorporating a healthy life into your family
  • Personalized nutritional guidance and recommendations

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got, and you'll always feel what you always felt."


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