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Client Achievements

Success should be acknowledged and celebrated. Every minute of every day is an opportunity to make a change and achieve greatness. The following individuals have reached health and fitness milestones that deserve recognition. Congratulations on reaching your goals!

10 Pound Club

10 pounds (or MORE) lost and gone!

Jen Taylor

Mandy MacNeil

Amy Campbell*

Mindy Oviatt

Tammy Battaglia

Becky Carosella

Kristin Durand*

Anne Montour

Wayne Montour

Dale Osentoski

Charity Goodman*

Barbara Bennett*

Erica Neville

Julie Hunter*

Carolyn Houle

Tara Mullinix*

Margaret Lomasney

*20 lbs or more

Farewell to 5

5 or more total inches down!

Mandy MacNeil

Becky Carosella

Charity Goodman

Kristin Durand

Jen Taylor

Lisa DeGrieck

Tammy Battaglia

Anne Montour

Wayne Montour

Mindy Oviatt

Erica Neville

Amy Campbell

Barbara Bennett

Marcy Martin

Julie Fleury

Carol Matthews

Carolyn Houle

Shaina Allen

Robb Allen

Julie Hunter

Tara Mullinix

Jennifer Layne

Suzanne Marquardt

Physical Challenge

Participation in 5K, 10K, triathlon or other event

Jen Taylor (5K)

Mandy MacNeil (10K)

Nancy Cannon (5K)

Nancy Klei (5K)

Erica Neville (10K, mini-tri, sprint-tri)

Amy Campbell (10K, sprint-tri, Warrior Dash)

Katie Hucul (5K)

Becky Carosella (5K)

Mindy Oviatt (5K)

Lisa DeGrieck (10K)

Julie Laughton (Marathon relay)

Sarah Lesnoff (Marathon)

Barbara Bennett (Muddy Buddy, 5K, mini-tri)

Melissa Lesnoff (Warrior Dash)

Jeremy Filippis (Warrior Dash)

Joanne Tuscany (Half marathon)

Carol Matthews (Half marathon)

Jennifer Layne (Gladiator Rock & Run, Color Run)

Dale Osentoski (Gladiator Rock & Run, Color Run)

Kim Martin (Freep 1/2 marathon)

Carolyn Houle (Freep 1/2 marathon)

Kristi Gross (Freep 1/2 marathon)

Kelly Burgin (Freep 1/2 marathon)

Bobby Lusk (Brooksie Way 1/2 marathon, Freep 1/2 marathon)

Anna Lusk (Freep 1/2 marathon)

Jodi Johnson (Brooksie Way 1/2 marathon)

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