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Group Training

Check out the Health section feature on Leah V. Fitness and the morning group in the Sunday, February 6th edition of the Detroit Free Press (click link below and search back issues):

Group training is a great way to complete your daily exercise session in the company of your friends/family/neighbors. Put together your group of 5-10 individuals, choose your location (participant's house/basement, subdivision clubhouse or outdoor location), set up the day(s) & time (s) that works best for your group and then get ready to have some (exercise) FUN!

Training sessions are 6-8 weeks in duration and pre-paid with either a commitment of 1x/wk or 2x/wk.

6-8 week group training fee (for all NEWLY formed groups):

1x/wk: $14-16/session *

2x/wk: $12-14/session *

*fees are determined by location. Please contact LVF for more information.

Don't have a group, but want to participate? No problem! Contact Leah to join a group that fits in your schedule.

Training format:

Each workout will include total body resistance training, cardiovascular and core components. Sessions are progressive, which means they will begin with basic conditioning and become more advanced each week. Most sessions are completed in a circuit format with minimal rest, depending on the number of participants. All fitness levels are welcome, and each workout can be modified to accommodate physical limitations. Basic nutritional guidelines will also be discussed.

No equipment necessary; training tools will be brought to each training session. Each participant is asked to bring a towel and/or mat, water/water bottle and 2 sets of dumbbells of varying wts: 5-10 lbs for most women, 8-15 lbs for most men (optional).

2019 Group Training: See registration page for class availability

aAdditional group training options listed on registration page. Please email for all group locations and additional group info.

*Schedule subject to change. Must pre-register before attending.

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